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The Ultimate Fat-Burning Detox Drink For Speedy Weight Loss


Here is the ultimate fat-burning detox drink that will help you burn fat even when you are asleep! Losing weight is possible if you put in the effort. Eating the right foods at the right time of the day can help you lose weight fast the healthy way. With that being said, adding the following fat-burning detox drink to your diet will help you lose weight faster.

The trick is to get your metabolism into fat-burning mode and the ingredients in the following detox drink will help you do just that. Adding some exercise to your daily schedule is also necessary for speedy weight loss as well. This drink will also help you control your appetite and prevent sugar cravings.

fat-burning detox drink

The Ultimate Fat Burning Detox Drink

Every diet requires you to drink water throughout the day and certainly, if you’re going to be gulping on the water all day, you might as well infuse it with these naturally low-calorie detox foods that are known to in fact flush your system of toxins, boost your metabolism and improve your health. This detox drink is easy to make and you most likely already have all of the ingredients lying around in your kitchen.


  • 2 organic lemons
  • organic cucumber one large or 2 small
  • 1 cup chopped fresh or frozen pineapple (organic if you can find it)
  • a handful of organic mint leaves
  • 1 large chunk of ginger (peeled)
  • 24 tbsp organic 100% aloe vera juice
  • Approximately 12 cups filtered water

Preparation & Instructions:

First, cut your fruit, you can certainly cut the pieces as big or as little as you would like. But, keep in mind the smaller you cut your pineapple cucumbers, and lemon the more chance you are going to accidentally suck them up in the straw when you take a sip. Furthermore, if you want to have a pineapple or cucumber snack while drinking you should keep the pieces a little bit bigger.

Secondly, you’ll add your water. In addition to the important nutritional fruits, herbs, and veggies you are adding to this drink make sure the water you add gives you equally important vitamins.

  1. After washing, slice the lemons and cucumber into discs and add them to a large pitcher (I use a 3-quart pitcher).
  2. Next, cut a large chunk of peeled ginger (about the size of a Chapstick tube) into 3-5 pieces and muddle. Add it to the pitcher followed by the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Then, fill the pitcher to the top with filtered water, and let it infuse for at least 4 hours in the refrigerator overnight.
  4. Don’t forget to drink throughout the day as much as you would like because the fat-burning effect lasts all day. I prefer to pour mine over ice! Feel free to nibble on some of the fresh fruit and veggies too. The pitcher usually lasts me for a couple of days.


Aloe vera juice provides a tremendous nutritional boost, because it aids in digestion and liver function,  reduces acidity in the body, supports your overall mood, and has many more health benefits! BUT, start off slow– some people are sensitive to it. As with anything else, moderation is key. AND, be sure that you’re using an organic 100% aloe vera juice. Read the label because some of them have unwanted additives.

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